My morning started with a giant donut in the backyard, powdered sugar everywhere.

Snowy day in the garden. Source:


River stone pillar in the garden. Source:

Pillar covered in stone from the Hudson River

Decided to leave my garden and walk down the road

Catskill Mountains and oak trees in the snow, Hudson Valley, NY. Source:

The snow on the Catskill Mountains turned pink in the morning sun

America Robins in a tree, Hudson Valley, NY. Source:

I saw a flock of about 50 American Robins eating berries in a tree

Bird bath in a snowy garden, Hudson Valley, NY. Source:

Their bird bath was not functional today

Garden sculpture in the snow, Hudson Valley, NY. Source:


The low temperatures make everyone shiver

Garden furniture in the snow, Hudson Valley, NY. Source:

Tea anyone?

Too chilly for breakfast ‘al fresco’ today

Back indoors for a cup of tea, thinking about how the snow makes the familiar look so different.

* With grateful thanks to the gardeners of Saugerties for allowing me to photograph their snow scenes *