Ally, the daughter of sculptor Nick contacted Chronogram Magazine and the result was a reception at Rock Star Meadow hosted by Chronogram and KMOCA where people could see the monumental sculpture for the first time. The sculpture is the result of a collaboration between two artists, Nick and Estelle, whilst a third contributor is Lorraine who selected the plant material.


Mount Tobias is in the backdrop for this ceramic sculpture of a man cradling a bird. Nick greatly admires Irish Cairns and this influence is noticeable  in the stone pedestal.  (Cairns are piles or stacks of stones erected as memorials or markers built from pre-history to the present day).


Beyond the sculpture is a row of walls. The design gives a sense of colorful vines and flowers, the balls on top represent the flower stamens.


The overlapping arrangement adds depth.  Nick and Estelle used stucco on the surface and this was a new technique for them.


As they built the walls, they became aware of the lovely shadows as the light changed.


To the left  is a stepped wall which includes different elements; brick, stone, mosaic and ceramic. Another of Nick’s passions is Minoan architecture from Crete which has influenced the design of the stepped wall.


This is a detail of the arch above the doorway which includes a mosaic design of birds.


Detail from the doorway shows the rich colors and textures of the glass tiles and marbles.


The rear side of the stepped wall is different from the front, a little more somber.



Nick explained that when he and Estelle produced the ceramic sculpture, stucco walls and brick wall, they used different construction techniques. This is because they want to challenge themselves by always trying something new.