This Summer thanks to my good friend Liz, I was lucky enough to attend the first open day of an environmental sculpture that has been 20 years in the making. Constructed by two artists Estelle and Nick, who kindly provided some background information.


This river-stone wall was the first piece built. To Nick, the act of building is important – as is finding the stones and falling in love with the individual stones. Nick is Invited to quarry through a neighbor’s construction site or to visit a stream bed on the property where each stone is individually chosen.


Within the wall there are windows and niches for sculpture (made by Nick and Estelle).


At the end of the wall, the Catskill mountains are visible behind the lonely angel.


This stone pillar stands near the center of the four-acre plot, behind it are two rows of stucco walls representing flowers.


The second item built was the stone garden. The original design was for two separate stone enclosures each containing a sculptural form, as the building progressed Nick and Estelle realized the enclosures could be connected to make a garden.


After a long search for the ‘right’ style, the artists located this fountain in California. Here it is, placed on pea gravel in the center of one of the garden ‘rooms’.


Both Nick and Estelle continue to use new creative approaches and methods when constructing their sculpture. After experiencing some issues with ceramics (cracks and explosions during firing in the kiln) Nick turned to carving. The bust above is a portrait of his granddaughter fashioned from Carrara marble, set within a niche in a garden wall, isn’t it beautiful? I love the sense of stillness.


Throughout the gardens, on top of walls and in niches, are planters containing hardy geraniums, potentilla and coreopsis. The planters are above eye-level so we see the sunlight streaming through the translucent flowers and foliage. Nick’s wife, Lorraine is responsible for the gardening and certainly has a ‘great eye’.


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