Inside this secluded backyard the nearby activity of village life seems remote, the picket fence surrounds trees and shrubs that muffle the noise. The vine growing over the fence is the Pipevine (Aristolochia macrophylla) a plant that is native to New York and host to the Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly.


This magnificent mature Japanese Maple provides just the right amount of light shade, having a light and airy canopy, it does not overwhelm the space. I think it’s the perfect place to shelter from the sun and relax.


A rustic, hand-made chair in the Adirondack style. (The Adirondack Region is an area in North Eastern Upstate New York, famous for mountains and natural beauty).


Beside the beautiful red brick chimney, shasta daisies and variegated perennial grass look good well into late summer.


Subdued colors in this garden contribute to a calm atmosphere, the pink flowers of this hydrangea are a similar color to the paint used on the outside of the house. I enjoy the limited color scheme which creates cohesion and harmony.


I wish my back door area looked as pretty as this (no clutter!) And what a great idea to have a cart by the back door for those odds and ends.


Don’t you just love the sentiment on the sign above the door?  “Peace, Love, Joy to All Who Enter”

Interested in growing a Pipevine? Click on these links for nurseries which have it in stock .

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