Choc-cadas, a seasonal treat from the Hudson Valley, NY

“They taste crunchy and a little creamy. Mostly chocolatey.” That was how Lucky Chocolates  owner and Chocolatier, Rae described the chocolate dipped Cicadas, featured in her candy store  for the First Friday promotion on  June 7th in the Hudson Valley village of Saugerties. A friend collected the insects, removed the legs and wings and baked the cicadas. Rae added sticks and dipped them in organic 70% cocoa dark chocolate – surprisingly they were a hit! Mentioned on the store’s Facebook page, many people inquired, but quantities were limited to 25 Choc-cadas and they quickly sold out. One of the reasons Cicadas were featured was because Rae wanted to overcome people’s resistance to eating insects which are not part of today’s mainstream American diet. She adds “Other cultures eat insects and they are a good source of protein.” Rae loves the sound of the Cicadas and whilst walking her dog, discovered that Ulster Landing beach was teaming with them.  (Note: People who have a shellfish allergy should not eat  Cicadas)

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait another 17 years to sample the next batch because Hudson Valley cicadas emerge from the ground every 17 years.  Take a look at the Lucky Chocolates Facebook page for more seasonal information.

'Choc-cadas' - chocolate covered cicadas from Lucky Chocolates

‘Choc-cadas’ – chocolate covered cicadas from Lucky Chocolates

Adult Cicada from the Hudson Valley

Adult Cicada from the Hudson Valley